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Lebaran day was the victory for moslem people. That was the time forgiveness once a year. In this year, it happenned in 31st of August 2011. There was difference between moslems in this world. But most of people in this world celebrated it the day before.
The first day, i felt it peacefulness. When i heard fire-crackers together with takbir my sould was trambled. I got up early because i got difficulty to sleep. After that, i do down prayer directly i cleaned some plases in my house. At 05.45 am came to the mosque to join Eid praying together with all my family. There i met other moslem fill that place also. I was so satisfied.
After finishing Eid prayer, i showed respect to my parent by kneeling and pressing. Then, i walked around together with my family to my neighbour’s house. I don’t realize that there were many new neighbours surronding this village.
At evening, i came to my grand parent’s home. The place wasn’t far from my housse. I was happy when i met them. But i felt uncomfortable when my grandma kissed me. I dislike it much! Huh
The following day, i gathered with my family from descendent’s of Abu Bakar. At 07.30 am i went our from my house with my mother by motorcycle. I was pleased when my mother gave me chance to carry on her. But, in the middle way i sawsome people shaked hands from far. Then, when i passed by between them directly an old man stopped in front of my motorcycle. Alhamdulillah, i could control the brake. I was surprise. He asked me apologize like ever introduced. And far from my standing place, there was a girl gave me signal that the man was crazy. Argh........ Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!! I didn’t think so. How come? That’s man chose me from many people passed by. He chose only me.
When i arrived the place, some other family laughted to me. I didn’t know why? I thought they had seen me. They said that my fans was crazy people. Hahahaha. I didn’t care it. Whatever they said. I thought they was crazy also. I couldn’t bear it.
The third day, i continued good relationship to modopuro, mojokerto, mojosari and dlanggu with all my family. Huft!!!!!!! It was exhauste. Afterthat there was a message received in my inbox. My friend said that there was a program to go to teacher’s house. I broke at moment. I was surprise when i woke up there was a woman crying front of my house. Jiaaaaaaa........ crazy people again! Oh No!! 
Afterthat, i had to come to my boarding school to gather with my friend first before went to. We went there by microlet car. We got difficulty to get adress’s our teacher.
The fourth day, i stayed in Al-Khodijah boarding school to join HBH(Halal Bi Halal) program. I felt so satisfied because i could meet and ask apologize to most og my beloved teachers, tutors and sisters. Beside that, i was so nervous when i became a MC of that Program. Because that was my first experience be a MC in big program in that cottage.
At afternoon, there were many guests came to my house. They said that they were my parent’s friend. But no parent in my home. I was so dizzy. Unfortunetely, i had to accompany them. Alhamdulillah they stayed not longtime enaugh.
The fifth day, i gathered with my family from descendents of Markaly in Badung. In the middle way, i met a very old woman who couldn’t crossed away. Because i was kindgirl an unarrogantgirl. Hehehe. So i helped her. Firstly, i could crossed her, but when i came back i couldn’t. How could i do? Fortunetely, that’s time my old brother had petty to me. That’s why he took me from my place. I was so embrassed. I never thought he did it. Because everytime he was always jealous with me and he was never kind to me. Thank’s my beloved broher. Afterthat we continued our trip.
After finishing that program, i came to my friend’s home. I didn’t realize that they would accept me well. Thank’s a lot my friends.
The sixth day is my bad luck morning. Because i had to get up early to help my mother cooking. There would be a halal bi halal program for my father and brother’s friend at my house. Then i had to cleaned my house, water my garden, prepare snack and other. At 11.00 am of people in my house left me alone. Exacly i had to tidy all thing that filled at my house. And ordered me kept there. It was my bored time!!! ::
In the evening, my friends took me to basar. We arrived there about 15 minutes by motorcycle. Unfortunetely that place wasn’t noise as usual. Did you know?? That time happened when Indonesia an Bahrain played. That’s why? But, i enjoy that time. I could test my guts when i entered to “TONG EDAN Motorcycle Performence”. That performence was interesting also scared. It was happened in a hall closed. Because it was very noise. Most of us closed our ear because we couldn’t strong with that noise. It was crazy you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hmmm .... actually i really wanted to enter in ghost house, but no one from my friend wanted to come in. Huft, afterthat we walked around there. Time by time, we felt that we had to fill our empty stomach. Then, we went to a pangsit cafe. We ate together. We’re happy friend. Hahahaha
The sevent day, i came to elementary teacher’s home. It was my momorial time. Because they were my hero of science in 6 years ago before i enter in this Al-Amin boarding school. I never forgot it. Three years passed, i never came there. I never met them since i stayed in boarding school. I was very happy when i knew them still remembered us.
When we came to Mrs. Erna’s home. Some of us lose a way. Actually in Kutorejo but some of my friend until Dlanggu. It was for you know. Then, i called them and laughed together along way. How came it be? Afterthet we came together.
Seventh day in this Lebaran Day is my unforgettable experience i have ever done. It is different with other Lebaran Day ago. I have got better in that’s day.

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  1. ga kerasa dah mo lebaran, gw jdi inget bnyak bolongnya puasa tahun kemarin. tahun ini harus lebih baik. nice share ^^

    btw dah saya follow, follback ya di

  2. @hendikrz wkwkwk ia nii lebaran ud dekat..
    ok deh ke TKP sya...


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